Many years of experience and specialization in tax audits and defence in criminal proceedings are our advantages.

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With many years of practical as well as academic work at home and abroad. Our team consists of lawyers, economists and accountants. We solve tax issues for domestic and foreign clients. Our legal consultancy is the result of a professional, legal and economic analysis of the whole team. Thanks to the ability to take a stand on legal and economic point of view, we provide clients with the most efficient service.

Our team consists of 10 professionals who collaborate with each other on every case. Because of that, the power of your representation is really immense.

Our team has been specializing in tax audits and representing clients in their performance with the tax administrator for more than 10 years. We are currently supervising approx. 200 active tax audits throughout Slovakia. We have met with a large number of difficulties and questions while working on previous audits. We use knowledge gained from practice, laws, as well as from court decisions at home or abroad, on which we base our strategies.

For more than 3 years working on tax audits we have NOT encountered with a question or a problem that we have NOT seen before.

Against the tax administrator at all levels – financial administration, financial directorate or courts of law.

We represent clients not only throughout Slovakia but also abroad (when it comes to international request or if necessary).

We represent clients in tax audits of all tax authorities in the Slovak Republic.

In a way that your accountants would always have access to it. During the representation of a client, it’s often necessary to have his entire accounting with us. However, we always communicate with your accounting department as if you have it with you all the time.

If your accounting is put in the advocate’s file, it is protected by the advocate’s confidentiality.

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