For accountants

Dear colleagues from the legal, accounting and tax consulting branch,

as the team of our advocate’s office, we focused on the procedural representation of clients in tax proceedings and audits. We know that we cannot be perfect in everything, and that is why we have focused precisely on tax proceedings in their procedural and legal essence.

Your client must also have a strong point in the tax audit. We look forward to becoming the ad hoc member of your team. If somewhat possible, we strongly recommend our clients to refer to advocates, tax advisors or accountants in any legal or accounting issues. We have created a high-quality network of relationships with professionals, who work in fields of law, tax consulting or accounting. We can always cooperate with them and make the best for our clients.

This attitude provides us with the opportunity for incessant improvement in the field of tax audits and tax proceedings. We never work in fields out of our interest, i.e. tax audit and tax proceeding.

Our specialization in tax audits and proceedings has brought us professionalism and thanks for that, we are able to provide the guarantee of quality to our partners from the ranks of advocates, tax advisors and accountants. Our partners know that we focus only on our agenda and do not interfere in their business or fight for their clients. Provided services consists of precisely defined acts, which are approved by the client. After their implementation, our co-operation ends.

We appreciate the co-operation in which we contribute knowledge in the field of tax administration as well as having the opportunity to directly consult with colleagues from other fields of law, taxes or accounting.

We have a huge amount of our own tax decisions and we keep a good track of the judicature in Slovakia and abroad. We are an accountable and reliable partner for advocates, tax advisors and accountants.

Let us supervise your tax audit. For more information, contact us through e-mail or call 0948 889 312!


JUDr. Ing. Peter Slávik, PhD.